Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Outfits : A Summer 10x10 Recap

 This past two weeks I participated in the summer 10x10 because I just really enjoy remix challenges.  Warning, I took all photos with my phone so they are...kind of crappy.  And I am the worst at flat lays.  You've been warned.
I wanted to try an all second hand challenge because most of my closet is second hand through thrift store, consignment or ebay.  The items were:
No Brand Floral maxi (thrift)
Brandy Melville Striped Dress (thrift)
AEO Kimono (thrift, old)
Zara Tie Top (thrift)
Madewell Silk Top (thrift)
Free People Button Up Denim Skirt (ebay)
Free People Shorts (old)
Brooks Brothers Cropped Jeans (thrifted)
No Brand Tie Black Sandals (consignment)
AEO Suede Sandals
On to the outfits!
 I really liked this one but learned that even if it is light outside at midnight, the camera still doesn't like it. 
 I've been really into tying scarves around my neck lately and I love this one.  The yellow I though pulled the yellow of the sandals into the outfit and helped with the artsy-fartsy look.
 One of my favorite outfits this summer, I love this skirt, full stop.  I've been looking at it since this style was popular two, three summers ago and just haven't pulled the trigger.  I finally bought this one off ebay and boy, do I regret not buying it sooner - I LOVE IT.
 I wore my scarf around my waist this time and rolled up the sleeves on this dress because it was so hot.
 For being cheap polyester and stuff, I really like this dress - it's nice and floaty so it's not stifling in the heat and the floral print is really attractive to me.  I used my Coach saddle bag and a flat top hat to bring the western-ish look I like.
 Ugh, I love this outfit as well.  This skirt is awesome.  Sadly, I tried to wash the zara top and...destroyed it in the wash.  I haven't had a washing mishaps in years so I was probably due.  I swapped in my MK off-the-shoulder top.
 I've had these shorts for a long time and still really like them.  I did do some alterations this spring so I could keep wearing them but sadly, I'm not very original with styling them - it's always a white of black top.  Need to work on that!
 I pinned this kimono and turned it into a top.  Best part? It actually worked!  It stayed in place and didn't fall out at all, nice!
 Uuugh, I like this outfit but hate the picture.  Wtf is up with my face in this? Crazy eyes going on.  I do like the print mixing, so 2009! 
Ok, I didn't wear this dress very much and I realized I don't really love it but I did like this outfit.  However, I think I learned that next time, I need to wear things I love because I will be excitied about them - my winter 10x10 felt awesome because everything was a favorite but iin this one, I was pretty "meh" on a few things. 

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