Thursday, July 19, 2018

Weekly Outfit Roundup

I thought I'd do a round up of my outfits from the past week and a half - this was a chill one on a hot day.  Black maxis, like black pants, are a basic for me and I use coats, vest and accessories to make outfits different. (Like everyone else I suppose!)

This was a basic outfit but a new one for me - ripped pants.  I have "issues" around ripped pants and this is actually the first time I've worn ripped pants since I was a teen. (My pants were because I was poor, not cool and I promised myself that when I was an adult, I'd have nice pants, not old ripped one.  How times have changed.)  also, blue lipstick!

 These pants again!  But with fancy clogs and a silk tee.

 Ugh, again?!  It's like I like these jeans or something.  I did looove my suede fringe vest with the hat and the boots.

 This is the closest to a Mara Hoffman bustier dress I can find and..I actually really like this cheaper version!  And hey, fancy blue eyeshadow.
 I was so excited about this backless DV dress and now I don't really know I do like it.  It is fun to wear my fringed All Saints boots during the summer however.
 The silk Joie dress - I just feel so fancy ad girly in this off the shoulder number.

 After years of waiting, I finally found the Madewell Transport tote at VV.  Hahaaa!

 Meh, Topshop high rise jeans I thrifted, altered and don't really like now.  For some reason they sit weird on me.  Sorry, I've been having terrible allergies this week and I'm making all kinds of faces here.

 Sometimes, the cheap version is good - I found this Merona jacket at VV and it was exactly what I'd been looking for.  I'd been waiting to buy a real leather version but I love this one so much and I don't feel the terrible guilt of when it rains.

 Like the Madewell transport tote, I'd been waiting for 8 years for this Gap cardigan to show up in the thrift shops....I play a long game.
 I appreciate the thoroughness to detail, knowing the distance to the sun is essential.
 Pretty flowers.
 This cow moose gave birth right behind our septic tank and has been bedding down behind out house.  she's pretty chill and the baby is adorable. He likes our picnic table and has been eating our lettuce from the garden.

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  1. I always kinda liked how ripped jeans looked, but I've never worn them. That strapless dress is really pretty. And that's so cool about your moose friends! I have never seen a moose in person!


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