Monday, July 9, 2018

Thrifty Tuesday on a Monday

I use to do a weekly post series called Outfit Under $30 or something. It was an outfit of items, usually thrifted, that added up to under $30 which is kinda cool because nice shit is expensive. Unless you thrift! I have a pretty strong passion for thrifting and it's my version of ethical shopping since $300 pants, even if I save, are really far out of my comfort zone although zero shade to those who do, you're better women than I.

Our thrift game in Fairbanks Alaska is really strong. We have a large proportion of people who are in the upper brackets of wealth and we have a large amount of people in the poverty line. (Which is higher for Fairbanks AK than other states or nationally - we have the highest property taxes in the nations, the highest fuel costs aside from some of the villages, the highest electricity  cost and our food costs are bananas. It takes a lot to live up here and is pretty frustrating to be honest, we've experienced a mass exodus the past few years with the Recession and hopefully it will get better.) The one good thing about this is:

our thrift stores are the bomb and it's not too much to buy awesome, nice stuff. J.Brand jeans? VV hasn't figured out they are nice, they're $5.49! Stores don't carry your size? Vintage clothing runs really small for those sized out of most stores and the plus size sections is impressive at our local VV. You like crazy stuff not in style right now? Congratulations, you'll find it there.

The one hang up? It takes time to build a wardrobe thrifting and that's the catch. You can go cheap, invest the time and have a great wardrobe or you can save your time, spend cash and have a great wardrobe. It's your priorities and mine is spend the time and save the cash.

For Thrifty Tuesday (very original, I'm sure no one has ever used this and we'll ignore the actual day) I wore an outfit of totally second hand items. It was hot out so shorts and a cold shoulder tee were in order and because I love a ~look~ I wore these Crown Vintage suede boots that I thrifted for almost nothing and accessorized with a DVF silk scarf (thrift stores are great for silk scarves) and a leather bag. It's not an exciting outfit, kinda basic but the point is, you can thrift basics-to-you and have great building blocks for your closet.
For items brought home and spotted, well, I forgot to take pictures of cool things spotted. Bad thrifting blogger, bad. For items brought home lately, here's my terrible flat lay of them. (Seriously, isn't Blogging101 suppose to cover flat lays? Why am I so bad at them?!)

These were mostly half off items due to the tag of the week VV likes to due. The 3 Madewell tops are pretty awesome - we don't have a Madewell or J.Crew in Alaska so it's always a little exciting to spot these items in the wild, even if they do seem like old hat to everyone else. The long sleeve white cotton top is really cute and has just a touch of the Victorian romance look that's been popular in tops this summer, I'll wear this with jeans or high rise shorts for the summer, a green velvet maxi skirt or wool pants and boots for the fall and winter and I've got a beautiful gray cashmere midi pencil skirt that will be amazing with this. The embroidered Madewell top is very me and well go with everything and the silk ruffled Madewell top will work in the same fashion as the long sleeve one. The orange Free People top is a color I love to wear but don't often find in clothes and it has a cinched waist and is a tunic length - not a common silhouette right now but one I like quite a lot that goes with jeans and shorts. (The waist hits at my waist and is not empire which would have been a deal breaker for me. With a true waist I can tuck this top into high rise skirt but an empire waist line would look off a disproportionate on me and I feel it also looks more portioned with a true waist and tunic length over jeans.) The J.Crew shorts are linen and since most of my shorts from last year did not fit and were past the point of being able to be altered (4 sizes is too much to alter for my skills and would have required me to take apart the garment and still might not have worked.) I needed shorts this year. I like how breathable linen is and since we have rather hot summers up here, that's a must. The loose leg style is something I also like on my figure just because I think it's flattering and the soft colors work with pretty much everything. I've also been looking for jeans this jeans but uuh, sizing is crazy. I have jeans everywhere from a 23 to a 27 and I have no idea what my true size is right now because sizing is so different for each brand. For comparison, my waist is 24, my hips are 37 and my thighs are 21.5 so I'm not the same size all over. I know the 23 are way vanity sizes because they fit me the way they are suppose to (tight butt, high rise, loose leg) and the majority of my pants fit a 26 so...I don't know? It's almost impossible to order pants online because so few places actually provide measurements so thrifting it is! I like black pants as they are a staple for me so the Paige and Current/Elliott's fit right in and I like the looser AGsfor summer with floaty tops and sandals.

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  1. This outfit is so cute! I've yet to find a good pair of high waist denim shorts. I love the challenge of thrift shopping, and the satisfaction from finding that certain piece I've been looking for. Shopping at regular stores now feels way to easy! (And also way pricier!!)


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