Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Thrifty Outfit


For this late posting of Thrifty Outfit, I have a simple summer outfit because the weather has no clue what it's doing. Everything is thrifted - BDG jeans are suppose to be fantastic high rise jeans on par with J.Brand's Marias but...I feel "eh" about them. I do normally have to do alterations to make them fit right but jeans for that price that are black to boot is hard to beat, seeing as high rise black jeans are a wardrobe staple for me. I do like that the inseam was correct for me, at 5'2 that rarely happens! I love this Zara tie top, I didn't show it here but the back button up all the way - it's super cute and a fun detail. These suede sandals are also nice and I like how they add a little bit of color to an all black/white look otherwise, the same for my bag.

As far as thrifting lately, it's been hit or miss. (When is it not thou?) I did find this amazing silk DVF top, the silk DVF scarf and this Madewell denim skirt from a little while back. Not bad but I passed on quite a lot of nice stuff - Louis Vuitton capris (because I felt "eh" about them and I try not to buy "eh" things that aren't staples) a DVF dress in which the colors nor the price were appealing and a ton of designer denim which was mostly something I had already. For fellow thrifters, what scores have you brought home and what have you left?

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