Friday, July 13, 2018

Remix Friday: Cold Shoulder Top

Remix Friday? Doesn't really have a good ring to it. Six way to style stuff you wear? Doesn't flow off the tongue.

Naming problems aside, I want to do a weekly remix because remixs are about my favorite thing ever. Those "30 ways to wear 2 items" articles? WILL READ THEM ALL. Remix challenges on the internet? YES PLEASE. My point, I enjoy seeing tons of ways to wear clothes and it's what pulled me into blogging in the first place.

For my first installment of Six Ways Friday (still not good) I took a current favorite item of mine: The Dreaded and Hated Why Won't They Go Away Cold Shoulder Top.

Wait! Before you throw your phone across the room in a spasm of anger and trend-driven rage, hear me out. I didn't like cold shoulder top at first. They looks so impractical and silly and...trendy. Boo, hiss! And then I got over my trend aversion and bought a really lovely cashmere cold shoulder Alice and Oliva sweater and I loved it and wore it all spring. It's not like I was working outside in -60 and it was fine in 0F weather with a coat so it wasn't AS BIG OF A DEAL as I first felt. It was actually kinda cute! I was trendy! I was a cool mom you guys!

Suppressing the gag reflex that thought process brought on, I started looking at trendy stuff in a different light. Was I adverse to it because I'm Not That Kind Of Blogger or was it really not good or just that it was a new look at an older trend I hadn't cared for? for me, it was a new look at a trend I hadn't liked the last time around but...they're kinda ok this go-around. Since then I've bought a grand total of...two cold shoulder items. One is a lovely silk Joie Dress (the yellow one from my Friday post) which is just all sorts of summer coy and sweetness and the other is this black Paige tee. I put it on and it brought the same feelings as the cashmere sweater did, I was Trendy, I was Cute, I was A Cool Mom! And that was okay.

Here I showed the six ways I've worn it lately. I wear this pretty often and consider it a cornerstone of my wardrobe now, it adds just a tiny bit of flair to a plain outfit as you can see in the first. It's just a black tee, high rise black jeans and silver Birks which could be boring but the cut-outs add just a tiny bit of intentional-ness to the look.

The second look is a no-brainer, it's a A-line denim skirt with some flatforms (although flat sandals would be cute as well) and a cool tooled leather hand bag to add a little bit of print to the outfit and to pull the color of the sandals into the outfit. Simple but interesting.

The third look is a little more trendy. It's also a denim skirt but it's totally cool and makes me feel like I'm Rihanna. (Stop laughing, I know I'm not that cool.) It's a high rise midi skirt which I feel is the best proportions for a midi skirt on my 5'2 frame - the high rise helps keep my legs from looking too stumpy and again, looks intentional. The rips and light wash color I really love as someone whom was an older teen in the early 2000s, I'm just reliving my youth! Mules are at the peak of their trendiness so I don't know how long the style will be around for but I like these shoes for adding a little height to my summer outfits.

The fourth look is a mash up of my favorite staples - a kimono a (fake) leather leggings. Kimonos make a great layer for summer time and are a nice alternative to field jackets or denim jacket although either of those would work with this. Leather leggings are nice for colder or rainy days, I wouldn't recommend them on super hot days unless one enjoys a case of swamp ass. I wore the mules again because closed toe shoes would feel like a lot of covering up for a summer outfit and might make the visual weight too heavy. For a fall version of this, black ankle boots would be perfect!

Fifth is the obvious choice, shorts. Almost any shorts would work, I just went with high rise distressed shorts because the shameless 2000s hussy in me needs more than a skirt to break out. Regular denim shorts would be as cute and pretty cute and short, this outfit is about as much of a blank slate as it gets. I wore my Old Navy straw hat for sun protection, silver birks because I love them and a crochet bag to keep it a ~look~ and not just thrown together.

The last outfit is also really simple, just high rise silk pants with platform heels. High rise denim pants would also look cute but I like how lightweight the silk ones are for hot days and I like looking a little taller.

There it is, the first remix for the new blog. Next Friday, how to remix your Starbucks Cup!

I know, that joke is dead. Leave it be Katie, leave it be.

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