Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Pass The Glitter Please

Aritiza Wool Scarf (thrifted) / Hinge Leather Jacket (thrifted) / Joie Dress (ebay) / Steve Madden Leather Boots (thrifted) / AEO Bag / Fred Meyer Earrings

I wear these earrings a ton, almost as often as I wear my turquoise dangle ones. I go through phases of hating and loving pink, right at the moment I am loving it and how bright and happy it looks and that feeling is carrying through to my accessories and my makeup choices. I recently bought the Too Faced Life is a Festival eye shadow palette after talking myself out of it for two months. I kept thinking "ugh, you are too old for bright pink and orange eye shadow Katie. Let it go and ear some nice beige eye shadow." And then I caved and I love it so much - the orange shimmer shade in that palette is one of my all time favorite shadow shades of all time and the duo chrome shades are so lovely.

Age is a weird thing.

I'm supposedly past the age of mini skirts, color, long hair, fun and well into the age of the "can I speak to the manager hair cut."  
But it's ok.  I don't really have any clothing items I don't think I can wear, I don't use wrinkle creams because I want those sweet forehead wrinkles to go with my wide brimmed hats and turquoise earring for when I'm 60 and I  am really looking forward to all of those senior perks. I don't feel "expired," I feel pretty positive about all of t years in front of me because they are going to be even better than the ones behind, as hokey as that sounds.   In spite of being excited about aging, I still had some strange hang ups about makeup and what I felt was ok to wear before this and it's been very freeing to suddenly go "ok, whatever colors, it's all a go! Bring on the pink eye shadow, bring on the glitter bomb highlighters, I'm gonna shimmer like a vampire!"

Oh well, at least if I'm lost, I'll be able to signal a plane with all of the glitter I've got going on.

Sadly, glitter doesn't show up in pictures very well so I can't blind everyone with my regression into the early 2000's. 

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