Friday, April 13, 2018

Jumpsuit and Jacket

All Saints Jacket (ebay) /AEO Jumpsuit / Sandgrens Clogs c/o Sandgrens (older) / PS Leather Bag (consignment)

I really like this outfit - jumpsuits always look great in my mind and then aren't super wearable of the fit in terrible on my short frame but this is a rare one that works for me. I like where the legs hit and I really like the fitted top. The fitted part seems to make it more wearable for me than if it'd been loose all the way around. The banana was "barrowed" from my daughter whom likes to collect them, she was sweet enough to let me use it this day and I liked the colors with the leather jacket and boots. (It's fair, she's tall enough she barrows my stuff now!)

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