Thursday, April 26, 2018

Fairbanks Is Too Cool

AEO Cap / Aritiza Wool Scarf and Pants (thrifted) / Joie Silk Tee (thrifted) / Crown Vintage Suede Boots (thrifted) / Muubaa Leather Jacket (ebay) / Mulberry Alexa (second hand on ebay)

I've been finding a lot of Aritiza items lately at the thrift store. I know that's a brand that's quite popular and I kinda get it now, I really like the few items I've seen from them so far. This scarf is a new staple in my wardrobe and these pants make me feel like I'm a cool person or at least can play like I'm one. speaking of which, I'm not sure I'm cool enough to live in Fairbanks anymore! The people I've seen out and about this spring have been SO stylish and it's not just the Korean, Chinese and Japanese collage students on spring break from the states. (Although those girls have an amazing style. You can almost always tell who's a tourist - they have a Canadian Goose jacket and they look super cool in their draped sweaters, cashmere sweat pants and cropped pants with Timberland. I don't know how they do it.) I saw a mom with a long black duster, sweat shirt, cropped leggings, sneakers and a studded backpack at the library and it was so good. Another older lady had bright hot red leather pants, studded boot and an embroidered purple leather jacket. (also at the library.) Another mom had a cropped jumpsuit with a denim jacket and converse on. (again at the library.) One woman had a light wash baggy denim jacket over a red bodycon dress over black leggings and beige, one inch block heels. (surprisingly not at the library.) This is just what I've seen in the past hour, it's been like this for the past few weeks, everyone looks so cool! I need to stop being lazy...


  1. Such a nice post and you looks so beautiful in this dress and dress also looks so prety.


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