Thursday, April 19, 2018

Back Again

Cashmere Scarf (thrifted) / All Saints Jacket (ebay) / AEO Jumpsuit / Leather Bag (thrifted, no label) / Turtleneck (thrifted, no label) / Sandgrens Clog c/o Sandgrens (2016)

Wow, you can really tell I am not good at indoor photos - lines don't lie! At least with trees and grass outside you can't tell if I've got the camera off in too goofy of an angle but it really shows up indoors. Ugh, that aside, I liked this outfit as well - I've gotten a lot of wear out of this already and I am really excited to wear it without tights, just a little longer I suppose. It was windy so I layered the turtleneck under the jumpsuit and it's thin enough of a sweater that it didn't tuck with a bunch of lumps.

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