Friday, April 27, 2018

I Gave In

All Saints Jacket (ebay) / Silk Scarf (thrifted, old) / Acne Jeans (thrifted, old) / Alice and Olivia Cashmere Sweater (thrifted) / Seychelles Boots (old) / Mulberry Alexa (second hand on ebay)

I feel the same as most of you about cold shoulder sweaters - they just aren't practical. I live in a super cold climate, I don't need holes in my sweaters. Until I tried on this sweater and I realized that yes, yes I did. I love this sweater, it fits close to the body which is nice now that the dominant shape of sweaters seems to be loose and the sleeves have the perfect amount of volume, just enough to be cute but still can tuck into a jacket sleeve. It's just so cute, even the holes have grown on me and I don't think I'll sew them up as I was planning to.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Fairbanks Is Too Cool

AEO Cap / Aritiza Wool Scarf and Pants (thrifted) / Joie Silk Tee (thrifted) / Crown Vintage Suede Boots (thrifted) / Muubaa Leather Jacket (ebay) / Mulberry Alexa (second hand on ebay)

I've been finding a lot of Aritiza items lately at the thrift store. I know that's a brand that's quite popular and I kinda get it now, I really like the few items I've seen from them so far. This scarf is a new staple in my wardrobe and these pants make me feel like I'm a cool person or at least can play like I'm one. speaking of which, I'm not sure I'm cool enough to live in Fairbanks anymore! The people I've seen out and about this spring have been SO stylish and it's not just the Korean, Chinese and Japanese collage students on spring break from the states. (Although those girls have an amazing style. You can almost always tell who's a tourist - they have a Canadian Goose jacket and they look super cool in their draped sweaters, cashmere sweat pants and cropped pants with Timberland. I don't know how they do it.) I saw a mom with a long black duster, sweat shirt, cropped leggings, sneakers and a studded backpack at the library and it was so good. Another older lady had bright hot red leather pants, studded boot and an embroidered purple leather jacket. (also at the library.) Another mom had a cropped jumpsuit with a denim jacket and converse on. (again at the library.) One woman had a light wash baggy denim jacket over a red bodycon dress over black leggings and beige, one inch block heels. (surprisingly not at the library.) This is just what I've seen in the past hour, it's been like this for the past few weeks, everyone looks so cool! I need to stop being lazy...

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Thrifting Game

BCBG Hat (thrifted) / Fred Meyer Scarf (old) / Fake leather jacket (oooold, thrifted, no label) / Free People Dress (thrifted) / Vintage 70's Leather Boots (thrifted) / PS Bag (old, consignment)

I've been watching for a pair of vintage 70'd boots for a long time now as so far have struck out at the thrift store. It's not that there aren't any, it's just that they're all a size 7-5 and I'm a 9! The thrift karma finally lined up for a me a few weeks ago and I found this pair, in stellar shape, for $5.99 on the half of sticker color of the week. Serious score! All it took was 5 years of patience...

That seems to sum up my thrifting luck in one sentence however. I know eventually, something amazing will show up and it usually happens. There's a Ralph Lauren Collection cashmere cap that I've been drooling over for years. I saw it first in a Vogue shoot and this cape, it is perfection. Long, soft, a cute little leather bucket - just simple and perfect. and freaking expensive. It went for over $1600 retail and even ebay has left me down, this cape doesn't show up for less than $600. I just resigned myself to maybe I'd find a good look alike some day.

And four years later, I saw it hanging on a rack at VV. In my size. In excellent shape. For $12.99.

Thrifting Karma!!

I need to see if I can thrift a pony or a million bucks next.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Pass The Glitter Please

Aritiza Wool Scarf (thrifted) / Hinge Leather Jacket (thrifted) / Joie Dress (ebay) / Steve Madden Leather Boots (thrifted) / AEO Bag / Fred Meyer Earrings

I wear these earrings a ton, almost as often as I wear my turquoise dangle ones. I go through phases of hating and loving pink, right at the moment I am loving it and how bright and happy it looks and that feeling is carrying through to my accessories and my makeup choices. I recently bought the Too Faced Life is a Festival eye shadow palette after talking myself out of it for two months. I kept thinking "ugh, you are too old for bright pink and orange eye shadow Katie. Let it go and ear some nice beige eye shadow." And then I caved and I love it so much - the orange shimmer shade in that palette is one of my all time favorite shadow shades of all time and the duo chrome shades are so lovely.

Age is a weird thing.

I'm supposedly past the age of mini skirts, color, long hair, fun and well into the age of the "can I speak to the manager hair cut."  
But it's ok.  I don't really have any clothing items I don't think I can wear, I don't use wrinkle creams because I want those sweet forehead wrinkles to go with my wide brimmed hats and turquoise earring for when I'm 60 and I  am really looking forward to all of those senior perks. I don't feel "expired," I feel pretty positive about all of t years in front of me because they are going to be even better than the ones behind, as hokey as that sounds.   In spite of being excited about aging, I still had some strange hang ups about makeup and what I felt was ok to wear before this and it's been very freeing to suddenly go "ok, whatever colors, it's all a go! Bring on the pink eye shadow, bring on the glitter bomb highlighters, I'm gonna shimmer like a vampire!"

Oh well, at least if I'm lost, I'll be able to signal a plane with all of the glitter I've got going on.

Sadly, glitter doesn't show up in pictures very well so I can't blind everyone with my regression into the early 2000's. 

Friday, April 20, 2018


AEO Cap / Old Navy Jacket / Elizabeth and James Sweater (thrifted) / Isabel Marant Skirt (ebay) / Sam Edelman Boots (ebay) / Mulberry Alexa (second hand on ebay) Aritiza Wool Scarf (thrifted)

I'm surprised  I haven't worn this skirt with this sweater before, they're almost made for each other. I really liked the vibe of this with the cap and the boots and this coat is surprisingly  warm against those cold spring winds we've been getting.

We just started our starts for the summer garden and it's so much fun to buy some new planters for my flowers this year! I found some beautiful enameled  pots for my palm and big house plants and then bought some big ceramic pots for the kids to paint and then plant their own flowers in. Our little duck also just started laying her eggs which is quite exciting, we were begging to think it just wasn't going to happen with her. She's such a cute little friendly duck that it didn't really matter if she was going to lay eggs or not, she's firmly in the "pet" camp as opposed to our big pig that is now in the freezer. We'd gotten a big pig about 2 months ago (we don't really know what she was and the previous owners didn't know, she looked like a mix of a Big Black and something else) and while I have quite a lot of experience with handling and caring for large animals, I've discovered that I really loathe pigs. We butchered out the pig a little while back and while it's lovely to have the meat, especially as we didn't get a moose last season, I don't know if I'd ever want to do that again. Maybe sucklings but I might be a hard sell on that one. Team ducks and goats all the way.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Back Again

Cashmere Scarf (thrifted) / All Saints Jacket (ebay) / AEO Jumpsuit / Leather Bag (thrifted, no label) / Turtleneck (thrifted, no label) / Sandgrens Clog c/o Sandgrens (2016)

Wow, you can really tell I am not good at indoor photos - lines don't lie! At least with trees and grass outside you can't tell if I've got the camera off in too goofy of an angle but it really shows up indoors. Ugh, that aside, I liked this outfit as well - I've gotten a lot of wear out of this already and I am really excited to wear it without tights, just a little longer I suppose. It was windy so I layered the turtleneck under the jumpsuit and it's thin enough of a sweater that it didn't tuck with a bunch of lumps.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Back Outside

Indoor photos are nice because hey, no watery eyes due to wind is awesome but it's also nice to switch it back up and take some outside. It was windy and my hat kept trying to make a run for it but I did not need to toss my hair like a shampoo model!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Too Dark

Cashmere Scarf (thrifted) / AEO Jacket (old) and Bag (old) / J.Crew Cashmere Sweater (thrifted) / AG Waxed Jeans (thrifted) / Stuart Wizeman Boots (thrifted)

Uhhh, these photos were super dark because I forgot to take photos until late in the evening. I suppose it's not a super exciting outfit but I liked the color and I like pairing these waxed jeans with these boots. I always enjoy wearing these earrings because they are so bright and pretty and for being so big, they are very light.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Two Again

BCBG Hat (thrifted) / Faux Leather Jacket (thrifted) / Turtleneck (thrifted, no label) / Vanessa Virgina Skirt (ebay) / Stuart Wizeman Boots (thrifted) / Leather Bag (thrifted, no label)

Thrifting has been pretty sweet for the past few months after a long dry streach during the fall. These boots and my Aritiza wool scarf are some of my favorite finds - I can't belive these boots! I'd been looking at a very similar pair (because moto boots are life) and it was crazy to see them in real life on the strift rack. The best part was VV didn't realize what they were and they were super cheap! I like the little pointier toe box on these, the slimmer profile works nicely with my maxis on days when I'm not feeling the super heavy boots.

This skirt was a nice find as well, $5 on ebay! Nice! It works well with with my winter style and it's going to be awesome with sandals this summer.  I wore it earlier with a cashmere sweater and liked the look as all.

Saturday, April 14, 2018


Aritiza Wool Scarf (thrifted) / Helmut Lang Jacket (consigment) / Top (thrifted, no label) / Old Navy Sweatpants / Sandgrens Clogs c/o Sandgrens (older) / Leather Bag (thrifted, no label)

I really like the color theme of this outfit, the tan lightens up the all black and the scarf adds some nice texture. This scarf was a really lucky thrift find, it's 100% wool and it's so much nicer than the acrylic scarves. The wool weave allows to to lay nicely and it's surprising  how much warmer it is. I think I understand the craze over these Aritiza scarves now!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Jumpsuit and Jacket

All Saints Jacket (ebay) /AEO Jumpsuit / Sandgrens Clogs c/o Sandgrens (older) / PS Leather Bag (consignment)

I really like this outfit - jumpsuits always look great in my mind and then aren't super wearable of the fit in terrible on my short frame but this is a rare one that works for me. I like where the legs hit and I really like the fitted top. The fitted part seems to make it more wearable for me than if it'd been loose all the way around. The banana was "barrowed" from my daughter whom likes to collect them, she was sweet enough to let me use it this day and I liked the colors with the leather jacket and boots. (It's fair, she's tall enough she barrows my stuff now!)

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Two Outfits

BCBG Hat (thrifted) / Old Navy Coat and Sweatpants / Turtleneck (thrifted, no label) Sandgrens Clogs c/o Sandgrens (older) / Leather Bag (thrifted, no label)

I don't know what wrong with me but I love these sweatpants. I never thought I'd say those words.

But I love these sweatpants.

I like the shape, they're soft, they're a higher waist and the cuffs don't squeeze my ankles like most jogger pants do. The only thing I don't like is that they do bag out by the end of the day and I wish they stayed stiffer but over, I really like them and...they kinda work with my style.

This is an older outfit that I forgot to post with some crazy lipstick to boot!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

It's A Wall!

BCBG Hat (thrifted) / Old Navy Cardigan / Top (thrifted) / Brandy Melville Skirt (thrifted) / Sandgrens Boots c/o Sandgrens (old) / Leather Bag (thrifted, no label)

We house sat for my parents for the past two weeks and I attempted taking pictures inside again. Pictures inside are difficult for me because I have so little experiance with it but hey, a white wall helps quite a bit! (Angles are so important however, ugh.) It was a warmer day with no wind so I went with bare legs - it was amazing to break away from the tights for a day! I really like this skirt, it's simple but has a nice shape to it and I love it with the longer, thick cardigan.