Saturday, March 3, 2018


Stormy Kromer Hat (took husbands) / Vintage Wool Top / Gap Sweater (gift) / Old Navy Leggings (old) / Moon Boots (ebay) / Fred Meyer Mittens (old) /

This top was given to my husband but it's a little small for him so he gave it to me. (Thanks hon!) It was bought in Fairbanks in the 50's and it's 100% boiled wool.  Other than that, I can't find anything about the brand online but it's a pretty great shirt and is really thick and heavy - it's basically a coat! I ended up taking it off because I got so over heating packing a trail through the snow but I thought it was super cute with the Moon Boots and the Stormy Kromer.

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  1. I love me some old school Alaskan lumberjack shirts! I agree, the shirt looks adorable with the booties!


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