Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Valentino Glasses (consignment, old) / Old Navy Coat  and Tee (old) / Citizens of Humanity jeans (thrifted) / Bag (thrifted) / Moon Boots (ebay)

Still in love with these boots.  I've worn a lot of winter boots over my life and nothing can compare to these - they are so warm, so light, so fabulous and the liner doesn't get wet! I know this because I've twice dumped water down my legs hauling out five gallon buckets to the animals and every time my pants get wet but not the part in the boots nor the liner itself.  Magic!  You want magic boots, you buy Moon boots.
This was a simple outfit, just jeans, a tee but the bag and this jacket helped give the outfit some personality.  This jacket has been a great ON buy and I've worn it quite a bit since I got it, the material is not bad, decent stiches and pockets and it's not bad in the warmth department.  I like the proportions and the way it lays most of all.

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