Friday, March 9, 2018


ON Hat (barrowed from kids) / H&M Scarf (thrifted) / Jones New York Wool Coat (old, thrifted) / Madewell Sweater (thrifted) / Elizabeth and James Jeans (thrifted) / Sam Edelman Boots (ebay) / Mulberry Alexa (second hand on ebay)

I feel it's fair play that when the kids take my hats to school that I get to barrow theirs in return.  Sometimes, this is unintentional like the other day when I pulled a apir of black pants from the dryer, put them on and was horrified that I'd shrunk my pants. Spoiler, they were my daughter's.  She's only a few inches shorter than me now and with a similar shoulder width, we're not that far out from sharing clothes. It's too soon!

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  1. This outfit looks spectacular! I'm loving the grays, and you've found a good combination that includes the blue jeans.


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