Thursday, March 22, 2018

Dat Moon Boot Life

BCBG hat (thrifted) / Helmut Lang Coat (ebay) / Madewell Sweater (thrifted) / Gap Skirt (ebay) / Moon Boots (ebay)

Still enamored with my boots.  About three weeks after I bought them, I suddenly started seeing Moon Boots everyone in town - they exploded in popularity!  Having the big head I do, I thought I was just that super cool person inspiring everyone to live the Moon Boots life.  Go Me!

Nope, it ended up our local outdoor clothing store started carrying them shortly after I bought mine and everyone feel in love with light, soft cushioning boots tat magically never get wet and keep your feet warm even in the super cold.  Soon, these boots will over take the Stegers that have held the popularity crown of best winter boot in Fairbanks Alaska.  (Bunny boots live on, a sleeper that will probably show up on the NY runways at some point in time.  If Duluth and Carharrts can show up in a fashion magazine, so will bunny boots.)

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