Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A Filson and Boots

BCBG Hat (thrifted) / Fred Meyer Scarf (old) / Filson Coat (vintage, from parents) / Hinge Leather Jacket (thrifted) / Isabel Marant Top (ebay) / Old Navy Velvet Pants / Acne Boots (ebay) / Kate Spade Bag (thrifted)
I was really excited about these pants for a hot minuete - velvet, slim cut and really cheap? Yay!
Expect that they bag out horriably half way through the day, in both the knees and the waist and they end up almost falling of my hips.  The super sad part I suppose is that this is the smallest size ON offers and I am not that small of a person. I scoffed a lot about ON's vanity sizing in the past and I will now have to eat my hat - it's pretty real. 
I really liked this outfit pants issue aside, an embroidered shirt, leather jacket, slim pants and awesome boots? Check and check!  These boots always make me happy, the cowboy inspired look isn't too over the top and the long, slightly upturned toes always make me think of Greed's boots from FMA and I'm super cool with that.  

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  1. Darn, sorry to hear about the pants, I have a few failures like that and I know the pain! Can't it be fixed with a belt or something?
    I do love the outfit though, how's the life there? Do tell!


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