Friday, March 30, 2018

Hanging Around

Fred Meyer Cap (old) / L.L.Bean Coat (thrifted) / Lands End Sweater (thrifted) / Zara Jeans (thrifted) / Moon Boots (ebay)
We had a cold wind this day so even though the sun was out and bright, it was freezing!  I was going to be outside a lot so warm clothes were a must - I will day that I feel like these boots have helped me focus my cold weather gear far better than I did before.  I really have fun wearing my sweaters and all of the cute winter hats and I love how my winter coats go with them.  It sounds pretty silly I suppose but it makes such a big difference having winter gear you really enjoying wearing, it makes the long winters a little more bearable!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Small Patterns

Aritiza Wool Scarf (thrifted) / Old Navy Cardigan Coat / Theory Silk Tee (thirfted) / BDG Jeans (thrifted) / Softt Boots (thrifted) / Leather Bag (thrifted)

Aside from this cardigan coat, this is an all second hand outfit.  No shame in this coat/cardigan thingy, I found it when I was getting pants for the kids and I really like it a lot, so much that I've worn it almost every day since then. (So far, a little pilling but not bad considering I wear it primarily as a work jacket.)  I don't normally cuff my jeans because I don't really feel like it does much for my proportions but this was one of those rare days that it seemed to work.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Second Time

BCBG Hat (thrifted) / Aritiza Wool Scarf (thrifted) / Hinge Leather Jacket (thrifted) / Zara Velvet Dress (thrifted) / Sam Edelman Boots (ebay) / Leather Bag (thrifted)

Last time I wore my white wool Helmut Lang coat over this dress and while I like the white/black combo, I love the warmth the brown jacket and scarf adds to the outfit. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Burberry Coat (thrifted) / Winter Kate Top (ebay) / Citizens of Humanity Jeans (thrifted) / Leather ag (thrfted) / Sam Edelman Boots (ebay, old)

Monday, March 26, 2018

Fringe and Velvet

UO Hat (old) / Aritiza Wool Scarf (thrifted) / Leather Coat (thrifted, old) / Joie Silk Top (thrifted) / Old Navy Velvet Pants / Rebecca Minkoff Velvet Boots (ebay)

I like these boots but so far I haven't done a very good job of styling them.  They're a beautiful blue velvet and I felt they'd look very rock and roll but...not on me?  I think next time I'll wear them with leather pants rather than the velvet ones or the boho maxi.  I do like the rest of the outfit, now that we've had a glimpse of spring I've been trying to enjoy my lighter coats like this one.  The fringe is pretty awesome.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Not Summer

BCBG Hat (thrifted) / Old Navy Scarf (old)  and Coat / Trina Turk Cashmere Sweater (thrifted) / AG Waxed Jeans (thifted) / Acne Boots (ebay) / PS Bag (thrifted)

Wow, was I making weird faces this day, even more so than usual.   You'd think that by this point I'd be somewhat decent in front of a camera but no, every time I have to fight the urge to break into a frozen grimace.
That aside, I did like this outfit.  I've been wearing this jacket a lot thanks to the warmer temps and I like how it works with my flat top rancher and these cowboy inspired boots.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Works For Me

BCBG Hat (thrifted) / Aritiza Wool Scarf (thrifted) /  Loft Wool Cardigan Coat (thrifted) / RE+DO Top (thrifted) / AG Waxed Jeans (thrifted) / Stuart Weitzman Leather Moto Boots (thrifted) AEO Bag

I loved this outfit, the super loose top with the waxed jeans, moto boots and a super textured jacket/cardigan/thingy really appeals to me.  I threw on a big pair of sterling silver earrings because it's spring, hurray! (Ha, not.  We got more now after I all tried to melt off.  It never ends.)
Later that night we had a Nerf war outside so I threw on my L.L.Bean coat and Mon boots and thought that too was pretty cute.