Sunday, February 18, 2018

Too Bright

BCBG Hat (thrifted) / Helmut Lang Coat (ebay) / Zara Velvet Dress (ebay) / Lucky Brand Suede Boots (thrifted) Fred Meyer Poncho (old)

Ugh, it was such a bright day that I did not do this dress justice in the photos but it's gorgeous in real life.  I'm a sucker for velvet and the velvet on this dress is surprisingly nice - we don't have a Zara in Alaska and I've not been in one so the only items I've had experience with have been garments that have shown up at the thrift store.  So far most of the things I've found have been pretty decent, good seams/finishes and decent material but this dress is far and away the nicest one, the velvet has an amazing hand-feel and none of that awful brush back feel of cheap velvet.  I really like the style and details as well, the neckline is very high and the bib detailing is well down and the sleeves!  I love the flair and they have a lining on the inside!  Pretty nice!
I went simple with my white HL coat and then wore my fringy poncho as a scarf .  The hat and the sterling silver earrings helped finish off the look although next time I think I'll go full Coven look and wear one of my black jackets.

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