Friday, February 23, 2018

Sun At The Back

BCBG Hat (thrifted) / Free People Kimono as Scarf (old) / Helmut Lang Jacket (consignment) / Lole Silk Top (thrifted) / F21 Skirt (thrifted) / Sam Edelman Boots (ebay) / Leather Bag (thrifted) Valentino Sunglasses (consignment)

I'm pretty fricken proud of myself.  Almost two years and I still haven't lost them! (Not for long anyways...) This is a new ground for me because I've always broken my glasses before, I think two weeks was impressive, never mind two years without breaking or losing them.  I am really careful to put them back into their case however and keep a good eye on them so I suppose that makes the difference - caring for your stuff, who knew?!
In real life, this top and skirt are actually the exact same shade of orange but photographed with a big difference.  I don't know if that's due to how the light shines of the materials - poly vs silk - but it looked pretty great in my option.  It's been warm enough that I can wear some of my jacket rather than the bigger coat so yay for more wardrobe options and getting some wear out of this jacket.
The kids started up ski club at school this past month so the warm weather has been pleasant for that as well - I help hand out equipment so it's nice not to have to wear ten different layers and it's been fun for all the kids to play in the snow and get to go out during recess. (The cut off for outside recess at our school -20F and we've been around -35F for the past several weeks.  Ugh, ready for spring!)

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