Monday, February 26, 2018

Style Goals

BCBG Hat (thrifted) / Gap Coat (thrifted) / Luaran Ralph Lauren Sweater (thrifted) / AEO Top (thrifted) / Zara Jeans (thrifted) / Kate Spade Bag (thrifted) / Fred Meyer Sweater (old) / Ariat Cowboy Boots (gift, thrifted)

I've been watching for a good pair of older Ariats for the longest time!  I'd worn my last pair for over 20 years of almost daily, hard wear at barns and after many, man repairs, they finally gave up the ghost.  I'd tried to replace them a few years ago but ordered and reordered three pairs of Ariats before giving up in disgust.  Ariat was a really solid brand for riding boots for the longest time but I was extremely disappointed by the poor quality of the more recent boots.  I am not alone, every rider I know has moved away from using new Ariats because of the poor leather quality, terrible zippers and sole that fall apart swiftly.  I understand that it's not profitable to only sell a pair of boots once every 20 years to a rider but damn, my cobbler won't even repair new Ariats  now because they aren't worth the money.  I wear Dublins now as my riding boots and while they are not as nice as old school Araits, I've been pleased enough.   That said, I love older Ariats and always watch for them second hand but haven't had much luck because every other rider does the same! My husband found these last week at VV and uuugh, they are so beautiful and nice.  They are just big enough I can wear my really thick wool socks and the sole has enough traction so they are not death traps on the snow like my tall riding boots are.

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