Wednesday, February 21, 2018

So Much

BCBG Hat / Jones New York Wool Coat (thrifted, old) / Lauren Ralph Lauren Cardigan (thrifted) / Old Navy Velvet Tank / J.Brand Velvet Pants (ebay) / Rebecca Taylor Velvet Boots /  Cleobella Bag (old)
I hemmed this pants so they fall a little better on me now.  There's a lot of velvet in this outfit, velvet top, pants and boots!  It was all I could do not to go for a velvet coat, always over doing it, that's me!  I am trying to brand out pant style wise so...flares again.  I may be a one trick pony.


  1. You can never be a one trick pony, you are a pony with tons of tricks and amazing bohemian style and I love it!
    The house you took the shots are dreamy, they seem like in a fairy tale.
    I want to be there so much!

  2. You are a cute one trick pony. LOL Oh, and I just went and read about the Kitty Hensley House. She sounds as though she was a real hoot, and I wish I had known her.

  3. She was SUCH an interesting character, I think she would have been so fascinating to talk to! How did she come up with all of that money? I wish a book had been written about her but I was able to talk to one of the ladies whom runs the Kitty Hensley House last summer and it was a really fascinating story. During the summer you can take little walk through and it's really lovely on the inside.
    And thank you so much, you are very kind!


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