Wednesday, February 7, 2018

So Cool It Hurts

Fred Meyer Cap and Mittens / H&M Scarf (thrifted) / Vintage Filson (Christmas gift from parents, was my mother's)  J.Crew Wool Sweater (thrifted) / Nine West Pants / Moon Boots (ebay) / Eddie B Bag (thrifted)

Every woman in Fairbanks must have synced up this past Christmas because Moon Boots are everywhere.  Before two weeks ago, I'd never seen a pair in the wild, Stegers are the trendy boot of choice up here. Now, everyone has a pair!  What happened?!
Me.  I'll take all of the credit.
Yeah, I'm sure that happened.  We must have all realized at once that Moon Boots are the warmest freaking boots ever and went nuts.  Seriously, I wore wool socks with mine in -35 and my feet were TOO WARM.  How often does that happen?  Never.   You want warm feet, buy these boots because I've never boots as warm as these, hands down. Where have they been all of my life?!
I doubled down on the outdoorsy look this day and wore a silk tee (silk is an amazing insulator), a wool sweater and then my vintage wool Filson that was passed down from my parents and I was toasty.  I even tried to do something with my hair, although it went limp and flat almost instantly in our cold and dry air.

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