Friday, February 9, 2018



BCBG Hat (thrifted) / Helmut Lang Coat (ebay) / Anthropologie Cardigan (thrifted) / Mother Jeans (thrifted) / Steve Madden Boots (thrifted) / H&M Scarf (thrifted) / Fred Meyers Mittens / Alexander Wang Bag (ebay)

I keep trying to switch up my pant styles because as much as I enjoy the convenience of skinny jeans and boots during the winter, it starts feeling old after awhile.  Usually I'll start feeling displeased and bored, wear a pair of flairs and remember how much I hate pant hems dragging and go right back to skinny jeans.  It's a sad and predictable cycle. 
I do like changing things up a little however so when I found these Mother boot cut jeans at the thrift store, I decided to chop them into a pair of those trendy ankle crop flairs (that have been on trend for the past four years, I am that slow) and they look...ok.  I guess.  I was really excited but looking at the pictures I don't think I quite hi the right length so I'm going t play around with them.  I also have that mental block about jeans that aren't black so it might take me a little while to fully jump onboard.  That said, I like the different look and it's nice not to keep tucking my skinny jeans in. 

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