Monday, February 19, 2018

Second Time Around

BCBG Hat / Wool Cardigan (Second hand from my grandma) / J.Crew Wool Sweater (thrifted) / Vince Suede Leggings (ebay) / Eddie B. Bag (thrifted) / Born Boots (thrifted)

I love this outfit and boy, silk undershirt plus a wool sweater plus a heavy wool cardigan equals super warmth!  (Silk is a great insulator in the winter and is used in most high quality long underwear for cold climates.  I use a silk tee from Coldwater Creek and have a pair of silk long johns from L.L.Bean and rarely am cold if I wear them.)  I like how all of the browns came together in this outfit, brown boots normally drive me bananas because I can't figure out how to make them work.  Turns out, it's not the brown boots that frustrate me, it's blue jeans.  Those are really hard to style, at least for me - black pants all the way!

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