Sunday, January 21, 2018

Winter 10x10

It's that time, time for the 10x10! Last year I wimped out on the winter 10x10 because I scoffed "10 items?! during a North Pole winter? I'll be wearing at least 10 items a day!" After doing a spring 10x10 during one of our coldest springs on record and then a summer 10x10 where we reached 90f I feel like that was maybe a foolish thought on my part and that it is possible to dress to span a range of temps in a small amount of clothing. It's also winter and with the cold and dark, this sounded like a fun project to look forward to and help pass the time. I also really enjoy the positive community surrounding the 10x10 and think StyleBee and Un-Fancy have done a great job building it up - I always really look forward to seeing and hearing everyone's' stories and I think it's great to have such a positive outlook on thing.
Helmut Lang Coat (ebay) - I love the sharp shoulders and the collar on this coat, it's quite a look without being a costume. I feel like this coat will help put a few different styles togther during this 10x10 and I'm really excited to wear it.

Topshop Faux Fur Coat (thrifted) - I've being looking for a good fake fur coat for quite a long time now and finally the thrift store smiled upon me. The collar was very dramatic at first and I ended up taking off most of it and stitching it back. I thick it will look super cute with the moon boots and having a shorter coat length will make for a nice variety of outfits and proportions.

Trina Turk Cashmere Sweater (thrifted) - I LOVE this sweater - it's just a plain white cashmere sweater but wow, it's like a magical sweater which is just fitted enough and then just loose enough that it looks amazing. It's also warm and I like that I can either wear it long in a tunic length or it's light enough I can tuck it.

Joie Printed Top (ebay) - I was going to throw in another sweater for the 10x10 and changed my mind at the last moment and chose this instead. Hopefully it will add in a little color!

Joe's Jeans (thrifted) - Light wash jeans...are really not my thing. I'm a black jeans all the time kind of person but I love how light jeans look with tall boots and again, I wanted some lighter colors in this challenge.

Nine West Legging Ponte Pants - I wear these pants a lot and hey, I need black pants. It's not going to work without them and I like how soft these pants are while still being very thick - these are not thin leggings but more like Ponte pants, despite the name.

Free People Mini Dress (ebay) - I wanted a few different silhouettes in this 10x10 and I love this dress. Black, short and embroidery? Oh yes! It's one of my favorite dresses and I know it will be fun every time I wear it because it's something I'm always excited to wear.

Winter Kate Maxi (ebay) - I really went between this dress or a skirt and choose the dress because I thought I could layer a sweater with it and it'd work with the coats.

Sam Edelman Leather Over-The-Knee Boots(ebay) - This capsule has a lot of my favorite items in it and these boots are right at the top of the list. I'm short, 5'2, and I love how over the knee boots look on me, they make me feel tall! I like the proportions and that they will work with literally anything. (Aside from bf jeans but I don't really wear those...)

Moon Boots(ebay) - Hell yes. You may have recoiled in horror but guys, I am so in love with these boots. I'm not a delicate boot kind of person and I'm at the point in life where I really enjoy my feet being warm. These boots, I love everything about them. so soft on the inside, so light to wear (unlike my Sorrel Caribous) and so freaking warm. I really like how far they come up on the leg on me and you know, I just really like how weird and cool they are.


So there it is, my 10 items to wear in 10outfits in day days. I'm really excited about this capsule because I really like a lot of these items, I feel I can hit my full range of style preferences and I'll be able to go through a range of temps.  Our weather has ranged from 35F to -35F so I need to be able to dress for a seventy degree difference along with lots of snow in the forecast.

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