Friday, January 12, 2018

They Call It Bitter Cold

Free People Hat (Christmas gift, old)  and Necklace / Helmut Lang Shearling Coat (ebay) / Banana Republic Cashmere Sweater (thrifted) / Vince Suede Pants (ebay) / Isabel Marant Boots (ebay) / Eddie Bauer Bag (thrifted) / Fred Meyer Mittens

I should not have gloated last week about the lower 48 state tackling our weather while we enjoyed a heat wave of temps in the single digits, we're back to -30F plus weather.  UGH.  The only upside is that I can wear this coat without sweating to death - it's extremely warm and below zero temps are really the only way to wear it and not pass out from heat stroke.  This cashmere sweater from Banana Republic is extremely thick, more like a merino wool, and very heavy so with a thin under layer and some thick wool socks and long johns, I was pretty warm!  (But while I might complain about it, -30F is also no big deal.  Most people in the Interior of Alaska won't even break out their big coats for that, waiting until we hit about -55F.   We get a heat wave of -20F after a few weeks of the deep cold and people start wearing shorts!)

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  1. Oh Lordy this cashmere sweater is the bomb! 20F doesn't sound like a heart wave at all, I would be totally freezing my ass off :D


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