Tuesday, January 9, 2018

That Took A While

UO Hat / Burberry London Coat (thrifted) / Holister Sweater (thrifted, old) / Old Navy Pants / Santana Canada Boots (Christmas gift) / Fred Meyer Mittens

This Burberry coat is one of my best thrifting finds and one I nearly passed up on.  It was a day I really wasn't feeling anything and I saw this coat, it was half off due to a little rip and it was a shearling Burberry coat.  For $19.99.  And I almost put it back on the rack.
I don't buy things for the brand most of the time and it's a hard rule for when I'm thrifting so I don't buy things just because they're "this brand, so cool" which is an easy trap to fall into thrifting.  I just was having an off day and wasn't really feeling the coat but some tiny sane voice said "buy it, you know you'll love it" and I listened.  And then didn't really wear the coat for two years.  Until this winter and all of the sudden it's my favorite coat ever and I am so happy I listened to that crazy little voice.

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