Sunday, January 7, 2018

Still Late

Fred Meyer Cap, Mittens and Scarf (all about 4 years old but still stocked every year) / Bebe Coat (old, consignment) / French Connection Dress (thrifted) / Jessica Simpson shoes (thrifted) / Mulberry Alexa (ebay)

Another old outfit from before Christmas, this one was worn to a holiday concert at school.  I did end up ditching my shoes and swapping out for my UGG clog boots in the car however - the parking lot was packed and we had to park quite a ways down the road and these are not the shoes for slogging through a few feet of snow!  (I also ended up helping to push a car out of the ditch and I really don't think I could have done that in these shoes.  Cute shoes, not practical at all unless it's to give me some height.)


  1. Hahahaha, cute shoes are perhaps not the best thing for an Alaskan life :D
    I swear you look adorable all snuggled up in this outfit, the mittens are going to be my favorites!

    1. Hi Keit! It's been forever my friend, it's lovely to see you! Hope all is well and good in your world! :) I love these mittens, I've had these and the blue/black one for the past four, five years and I love them so much. Mittens beat gloves all the time.


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