Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Full Moon Rising

Fred Meyer Hat and Mittens / Old Navy Coat and Scarf / Paige Velvet Boot Cut Pants (ebay) / Banana Republic Wool Sweater (thrifted) / Bag (thrifted) / Santana Canada Boots (Christmas present)

Hey all, welcome to the new year!  I'm a bit slow around the blog right now so my apologies, it's been a busy time as I'm sure it is for everyone.  I've been lazy about outfit photos but I did take some the other day - these are my Christmas boots!  Heart eyes all the way around.... However, I'm apparently back in the early 2000s with having to wrap my bootcut pants in order to get them into my boots!  Come back skinny jeans, I knew there was a reason you stuck around for so long...

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  1. Ha, I remember the bootcut wrap! I like your Christmas boots, they look so warm :)


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