Saturday, January 27, 2018


Topshop Fake Fur Coat (thrifted) / Trina Turk Cashmere Sweater (thrifted) / Joe's Jeans (thrifted) / Moon Boots (ebay)

Woolrich Bag (thrifted) / Fred Meyer Cap

Well, this may not be my most stylish of all of the 10x10 outfits but it was relaxed for the weekend and the boots were hard to beat in the deep cold. This fake fur coat is also surprisingly  warm as well - the fake fur is long and there's a pretty decent lining sewn into the coat. With a cashmere sweater under this jacket, I didn't even feel like I needed to throw on the long underwear.
ended up only wearing long underwear under my jeans which is why they are such a sad mess fit wise.  I had liked the fit on these jeans when I first thrifted then but now I realized they bag out really badly by the end of the day and end up feeling super frumpy because they are in the gray zone of "are they skinny jeans, are they boyfriend jeans?" and it bugs me so much.  I'm either going to have to do some alterations, wait until they are a little more loos and pretend they really are bf jeans or send them back to the thrift store.

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