Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Helmut Lang Coat (ebay) / Joie Top (ebay) / Nine West Jeans / Sam Edelman Boots (ebay)

Old Navy Scarf / Leather Bag (thrifted) / BCBG Hat (ebay)


These jeans are the only clothing item I've bought from Sam's Club, I needed new black jeans since mine were either completely dead/way too big and these were $15. I mention Sam's Club because Fairbanks, Ak made national news a little bit ago when Sam's Club announced they were closing many of there stores nation wide and all of their Alaska store. No big deal, right?

Big freaking deal.

It wouldn't big a big thing if Alaska was like a normal state but for 2/3s of the state, Sam's Club in the only wholesale supplier. Most of the state is not connected by roads and for most of the villages, bush order is the only way to get grocery because they are hundreds of miles from the middle of nowhere. (Fairbanks would be the dead middle of nowhere.) This means people put in orders at the wholesale, these orders are packaged up and delivered by bush plans to the villages where a gallon of milk can be sold for over $12. The cost of living in Alaska is bananas and it's even worse out in the bush with no access to a grocery store and ONE STORE supplied all of the villages and all of the towns for most of Alaska, along with supplying most of the restaurants in the surrounding towns. (To get groceries to Fairbanks, the have to be loaded from port in Anchorage and either driven by road or rail 350 miles to Fairbanks, the largest town in the Interior of Alaska. It's a perilous position and Fairbanks stores only have three days worth of food on the shelves so it only takes an avalanche across the Parks Hwy for shelves to run bare and people to freak out.) Right now thanks to the biggest store disappearing, all of the orders from the villages, Tok, Delta, Paxson, Healy, Cantwell, Circle, Manley and all of the restaurants are now funneled towards Fred Meyers, Safeway and Walmart and none of the stores are set up to hold high volumes. Every store ran out of milk because all of the coffee shops suddenly had nowhere to get their dairy orders from! It's caused a huge upset in the Interior with rumors of a food shortage sending people in a panic. (Well, there was no milk and good luck finding chicken in town!)

It also has left a huge wave of anger over how Sam's Club has treated their employees  - no word was breathed of the closure until employees  came into word and were told they had no jobs left. In a town going through a severe  recession and the after-Christmas-tightening-of-the-belts-and-slashing-hours, no one has a chance of finding a job. Just another day that Walmart shows how much they suck.

The upside to this craziness?

Costco! They announced yesterday that they were coming to Fairbanks! Before the closure of Sam's Club, Costco had said they had no intention of coming but the tides have turned. Not only is Costco amazing in how they treat their employees (like actual people?) they are so superior to Sam's.

I don't really know what the point of this was, aside from illustrating the craziness and highs and lows that have been the atmosphere of the Interior of for the past two weeks.

For being from Sam's Club however, these pants aren't half bad.

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  1. Wow, that's nuts. I can't even fathom living in remote AK. My cousins lived in Anchorage for awhile, and then my other cousin lived in Fairbanks for quite some time. But I've never been there. That whole, getting food to the bush thing sounds unfathomable. Makes me think of the people up on the wall in Game of Thrones.
    That coat looks incredible on you, and I love how it lightens up all the black, and the tan bag and colorful scarf bring it all together very nicely. I think in another life you were meant to be a stylist.


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