Wednesday, January 31, 2018

10x10 and Wrap Up

Helmut Lang Coat (ebay) / Trina Turk Cashmere Sweater (thrifted) / Nine West Pants / Sam Edelman Boots (ebay)
AEO Hat / Fred Meyer Scarf (old) / Eddie Bauer Leather Bag (thrifted)

This outfit was one of my favorites of the ten, I really love this cap (I believe it's a baker boy cap from what goggle tells me but a lot of sources on goggle also try to say it's a Greek fisherman's cap but the details don't look quite right to me.) and I like how it looks with this coat.  I wanted to try to create a different vibe with this outfit since I was worried about it looking to alike to the other times I've worn these basics (coat, jeans, sweater, boots) and I really relied on my accessories to do that.  Looking back at the 10 outfits it was the accessories that really came through in making each outfit slightly different - I think picking only 6 actual clothing items such as two pants, two tops and two dresses really made me work harder at this 10x10!  I didn't even wear as many outfit as I could have, I worn my Joie blue top once and my Winter Kate dress once as well.  I feel like I could have gotten another four outfits easily. 
The only item I did not enjoy wearing was my blue pair of Joe's Jeans.  They were a little big to start with and got really big by the end of the day, looking saggy even with long underwear on underneath.  I really like the look of light blue jeans but they are a little hard for me to get use to again after wearing black, high rise jeans almost exclusively for the past three years.   My favorite item is hard to pick, I  enjoyed my white cashmere Trina Turk sweater that I thrifted about a month ago, I love my Helmut Lang Coat that I found for cheap on ebay and I always enjoy wearing my embroidered Free People dress.  My favorite however, would have to be these Moon Boots.  I live in a very cold part of Alaska where our normal winter temps hit -55F easily and I've worn many pairs of winter boots over the years.  I've never had a pair of winter boos that I've like as much as these.  NEVER.  The only ones that come close are my Boggs insulated farm boots and that was because those were all season boots that I could do anything in - Moon Boots are a different beast than those. These boots are SO WARM.  I can wear thin cotton socks in -35F right now and my feat will be ROASTING.  I cannot do that with any other boots, including the infamous Bunny Boots.  The liner is like memory foam and the boot is so light on the feet, I feel weightless after wearing my Sorrel Caribous!  The only downside is that I had to relearn how to walk when I first got them, they are similar to wearing boats on your feet and I normally have a very narrow stride so I had to pay attention and walk a little wider so my feet didn't trip me up. (I went down at school in front of the first graders' windows the first day I got these boots. Oh boy.)   If you don't like big boots, these are not for you.  They are huge and here is nothing small about them.  I love big, chunky boots however and I really like the profile of these on the leg ascetic wise -  you have to really lean into the wintery look with them.  I liked how they looked with a sharp coat and a dress though, sort of a dressy, snow lodge sort of look. 

Overall, I had so much fun with this 10x10.  I don't have an Instagram account because my phone is actually 3.2 billon years old and doesn't hold apps but I like to look every now and then.  I had so much fun looking through the #winter10x10 hashtag, it was like going back in time to the 2010 30x30s with Kendi and all of the people who use to participate in that!  That was such a great community and time for blogging and it's very exciting to see that sort of community popping back up again.  Lots of positivity and lots of just having fun remixing again which I think was a big draw for everyone back in those days of blogging.   It's just everyday women from all countries with different budgets, jobs, bodies and lives getting together and while it might sound hokey, it's really wonderful to see that side of blogging coming back around again.  I love it and I'm so happy to have been about to participate in this round.  Many thanks to all who jumped in and to the wonderful people of this community - you guys are source of brightness on the internet and now I feel like we need to go goecites 1999 and paying some inspirational music this site!
(I don't even know if this joke would make sense...I feel so old referencing geocities, even my spell check doesn't know what that is.)


  1. Katie, I miss that era of fashion blogs as well. Now I only have you and The Sartorialist to visit.
    Would you please add those fashion blogs you are currently enjoying to the sidebar of your blog? I am so desperate for inspiration!

    1. Hi! I am sorry about taking so long getting back to you about this! I will go through and edit my sidebar, it's sadly very old now and many of the bloggers that I loved to read no longer update or have deleted their blogs. I love reading (she is back to posting!) (Andrea is very sweet, thoughtful and does some fun things with her style) (Paige is funny and very down to earth and her outfits are great for real life) thesuburbexperiment.blogspot (a fellow Alaska blogger who doesn't do sponsers and has a great outdoor/vintage style) (a fellow Fairbanks lady who is so cool and fun in real life and is very adventurous with her style) (I like her archives as she doesn't post super often now) and I know there is a few others I forgot - I will try to get right on that! Thank you for your post and time.


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