Friday, December 1, 2017


UO Hat/ Fleet St Parka (thrifted) / Sheinside Cardigan (thrifted) / Michael Michael Kors Scarf (thrifted) / Isabel Marant Dress (ebay) / Steve Madden Suede Boots (thrifted) / Pendleton Bag (thrifted)
This Fleet St parka is my main winter coat for when the cold hits - I had one for many years before it finally fell apart and then was lucky enough to thrift almost the same exact one!  I love this brand's parkas because they are SO warm - they can take the -50F no problem and the are really easy to layer under - and even brand new they are quite a bit cheaper than the Canada Goose parkas that everyone seems to think you must have for 0F or you'll just die! (The Fleet St can be found at  ton of stores like Sears, Fred Meyer and JCP for under $200 and they normally have great sales.  Beats paying over $800 huh?  My outdoor coats go through some very hard wear and for me to get 10 years of wear out of a coat is really good.)
It was cold this day so I tossed it over my long cardigan ad stayed pretty warm.  I like the shape of this parka and when it's cold, you jut embrace the coat.  (And wool socks!  I'm wearing tights, thigh high socks and then wool knee high socks under my boots and I'm warm.  It varies from person to person but after getting frostbite on my legs 9 years ago I don't have a ton of feeling in my upper legs and the cold doesn't really bother me there.  My hands and neck though? Different story!  Give me all the fuzzy scarfs and mittens!)
I found tis cardigan a while back at the thrift store and was surprised by the brand, I have a Sheinside coat that's pretty meh in quality but the hand feel on this cardigan fooled me into thinking it was a nicer one.  I do like the thickness and the way it lays so hey, sometimes you find gems.

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  1. This outfit is so cute! I also like the dark tone of these photos.


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