Sunday, November 12, 2017

Red Docs

UO Hat / All Saints Jacket (ebay) / Free People Sweater (thrifted) / Hue Leggings (consignment) / Dr Martens (consignment)
With all of the snow and ice I've been wearing my docs more - the black 8 eyes are still a little painful at first, even after 4 years, but I think that's due to them being the patent leather.  If I bought them over again, I'd go with the softer, faded black leather ones or maybe the blue velvet ones, those are beautiful!  I love my Persephone pair for the comfort a little bit of extra height but the classics are hard to beat and they are wonderful for the ice.  I've bought all of mine just a little big because I like to wear really thick socks and winter is when I primarily wear mine.  Summer's a little warm, ha!

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