Wednesday, November 1, 2017

On The Fance

Burberry Coat (thrifted) / J.Crew Sweater (thrifted) / AG "The Janis" High Rise (ebay) / Dr Marten Persphone / Mulberry Alexa / UO Hat

I'm so excited I can wear this coat again - I was one of my best thrfting finds an seeing as shearling coats are really on trend this year, high iv!  The one trend part is a big deal however, I love shearling for the sheer (haha) warmth - I can and usually do wear a shearling in -50F and have never gotten cold, I would pick it even over down filled. (Like a Canadian Goose jacket - omg, I'd not seen those in Alaska until that terrible winter in the lower 48 made them popular and now I see so many people saying you can't make it through a winter without plunking down at least $800 on one.  Bull shit!  Go with either L.L.Bean's parkas, pretty reasonable for the longevity of the coat or a Fleet St Parka, I've owned both and those coats are bomb in the deep cold.)
I've tried on a lot of high rise flares and so far, AG's The Janis is the best - nice rise, good washes and good proportion on the flare.  I'd say they also run pretty true to size and while they do have stretch, I haven't had a rouble with mine bagging out at all, they hold their shape nicely.  Best part, they are on ebay for between $14-$29 in all size quite often!

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  1. Those jeans look so good! I want flares but can never seem to commit to a hem length. That's crazy about the coat, but so awesome. I usually go with puffer jackets when it gets cold, but they always look so tactical 🤣


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