Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Bring On The Cold (please don't)

UO Hat and Cardigan (thrifted, old) / H&M Scarf (thrifted) / Isabel Marant Shirt(ebay, older) / Current/Elliott Leather Pants (ebay, older) / Alexander Wang Bag (ebay) / Vera Wang Leather Boots (consignment)
Hey, a hundred percent second hand outfit, not bad!  At this point however I think most of my closet is second hand either through ebay, thrift or consignment stores.  A few things I buy new in stores but for the most part second hand prices have really spoiled me for paying retail.
Ignore my dopey faces, it was cold and my eyes were watering like crazy.  We're down to just a few hours of daylight right now and it will be scarcer as we get closer to Winter Solstice ad end up with about two hours of twilight on the Solstice.  After that the days will start to get longer again but it's a long time before warmer temps head back around.  We haven't even hit the rough stuff yet, ugh!

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