Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Orange You Glad

UO Hat / Anthropologie Silk Top - Lil (thrifted) / F21 Skirt (thrifted) / Jeffrey Campbell Clogs (2013) / Anthropologie Bag (birthday gift)

After some 'research' I finally figured out my favorite silk top is an Anthropologie brand which makes sense, it's got that little bit of extra detail that made Anthropologie such a great brand a while back. It's one of my favorites to wear, the silk is durable enough to throw in the washer and I love this shade of orange. I may have become an orange addict however - a few years ago my in-law have me a lipstick set for Christmas and one of the shades was this perfect orange that I've become obsessed with. Orange lipstick is so perfect, I can't get over how much I love it. Orange-y reds are pretty great and my favorite shade of red (most have such a blue base which is ok but I love the brightness of a more orange based red) and now it's hard to find a really great orange lipstick that's orange enough - everything is more red!

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