Friday, October 13, 2017


AEO Hat and Jacket / Joie Silk Top (ebay. older) / Justify Skirt / Sam Edelman Boots / Cleobella Bag (older)

For being a cheap skirt, this fake suede one sure has been pretty fabulous. I've washed it several times now and have had no problem with seams puckering or falling out and the fabric can take a beating - something I'm not sure I could say after washing a real suede skirt. I wore it with this silk embroidered top I've had for a while now, ebay is a great place to find Joie tops for very cheap. (I've gotten all of mine for under $12, most were about $8-ish with shipping.) These boots have filled a huge hole in my closet, I had so many times last year that I'd wish I'd had a pair of over the knee, slim cut boots to go with an outfit. It did take me most of a year to find one that would work for my calf size, 14.5 to 15.5 inches, it seems most boots run narrow with calf measurements of 12-13.5 inches and then it jumps right into extended  calf size which are a bit too large for me. These are right at 15.5 in a size 10 (I wear a 9 but usually take a 10 in boots so I can wear thick socks in the winter) and they are just snug enough they stay up but also fit over jeans. The heel is quite comfortable as well and I like where the tops of the boots hit on me proportion-wise, just high enough for short skirts but they're going to look awesome with longer skirts!

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