Saturday, October 21, 2017

Dark Mornings

UO Hat / Helmut Lang Jacket and Sweater / Madewell Bag (older - consignment) / Rebecca Taylor Maxi (consignment) / Clogs (thrifted)

Wow, it is getting dark in the mornings!  These pictures ended up rather dark and since my nifty fifty lens broke last winter, I've been using the stock lens and it is not my favorite at all.   It has a lot of trouble with low light and doesn't capture any sort of movement and goes straight to blury-ness. 
This outfit is alright but I don't love the orang scarf with it - I don't think it really works with the other colors and it looks far less fussy in the pictures without it.  I'm also not sld on the bag, I bought it a long time ago and while I like te bag, lots of room, I have a hard time working it into my style. (Which who even knows what that is right now? It's all over the place.)


  1. Our days are quite a bit shorter here too this month. Sunsets much earlier and sunrise much later. I do love autumn though!

  2. Cute outfit. Maybe try losing the strap on the bag?


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