Saturday, September 23, 2017

That's So Kitsch

Free People Hat and Bag (christmas gifts) / Anthropologie Cardigan (thrifted) / Scarf Handmade / AEO Top / Loft Ponte Pants (thrifted) / Vera Wang Boots (consignment)

Remember when anthropologie was the I loved their look from 2008-2013, it was the perfect amount of kitsch and coziness with all of the colors. I'm not super into their current look but I do keep my eyes open when at the thrift or consignment store for some of Anthro's older items from that time period. This cardigan is one of the few I've found and I like it so much, a decent wool content, a soft pattern and it's pretty warm. Seeing as I live in the land of frozen body parts, it makes sense to have a solid winter wardrobe of sweaters, coats, boats and cardigans. I love those pretty summer dresses but the time to wear them is so short that I have to restrain myself. (Not very well that's for sure!)


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