Saturday, September 9, 2017

Last Fireweed

Free People Hat (christmas gift) / F21 Jacket (thrifted) / DKNY Lace Top (thrifted) / Paige Jeans (thrifted) / Frye Boots (thrifted)

Aside from my hat, this is a totally second hand outfit, however, I'm not really crazy about how the boots work with it. I like the boots with the jeans but in the outfit overall, I feel like my black R&B boots would have been sleeker and more subtle . The brown Fryes don't quite work and while they aren't awful, they throw it off a bit. I did really like this outfit, I wore it around the start of school when my husband and I got to have a ~lunch date~ free of kids. That's a pretty special treat, haha!

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