Thursday, August 17, 2017

Words Are Dangerous Instruments

I don't often talk politics here on the blog - it's an outfit of the day type hobby blog and it feels silly or trivializing to talk about shattering events.  There have been moments however when I did feel the need to say something, even if it was just an expression of grief and sadness, and I feel that now if an important time for we as people to stop and say, "That's wrong."

The events over the weekend are beyond troubling and I am so sad and angry to see such hatred in a country that I love so much.  This is not who America is.  We are a land of hope and optimism  for a better future for us all and this is a cancer that will only spread if we do not speak against it.

I know that many of us are careful with our words these days, they can be instruments of love or hatred, they can unite or divide us and they are dangerous things.  The words and actions coming from the Charlottesville Unite The Right Rally are dangerous, poisonous things of hatred and fear.  This is not who we are. 

I don't have any words aside from "You are wrong.  Your actions are despicable.  Your views are cancerous.  Your words are against everything that I hold to be morally correct and true."

I stand with my brothers and sister against this hatred and while I understand that many of us do not want to invite more strife into our lives, this is the time to say something. They may seem small but as we've seen in year and just days past, words are dangerous instruments.

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