Thursday, August 3, 2017

Misty Mountains

UO Hat / AEO Jacket (old) / James Perse Dress (consignment) / Vera Wang Leather Boots (consignment) / Free People Bag (ebay)

I love the mountains along the Parks hwy - each range of mountains in Alaska has their own vibe and look and while the Alaska Range is not the most beautiful (I believe the Wrangell Range is ~stunning~)  they have such an old, worn look to them that they've always reminded me of Tolkien's descriptions of the Misty Mountains.   Denali the highest mountain in North America is located in the Alaska Range but it's one of those mountains that just looks like a big square rock in the distance  - we are lucky enough to see it from Fairbanks quite often and it's always an easy mountain to pick out on the horizon because it just looks like a square rock.
Anyways, not an exciting outfit but I love these boots.  You can't see the mountains because of the mist but they are right in the last hill there, it's normally a gorgeous view.

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