Wednesday, August 23, 2017

In The Heat

UO Hat / Gap Button Up (thrifted, old) / Isabel Marant Dress (ebay) / Anthropologie Bag (birthday gift)

Oh wow, do I miss that nice warm weather right about now! It has been a chilly,
wet week and a half and 80F plus sounds pretty awesome right now. The interior of Alaska is full into the fall season now with everyone winterizing cars, house and waterlines. It's a little sad to realize that our summer was so short but here's hoping for a mild winter! 

This dress did not get a ton of love this summer and I'm bummed about that. It's a beautiful dress and is fairly light but the temps were so hot during the short summer that we did have that sleeves felt too warm most of the time. I may complain quite loudly about winter but I do love the layering that comes with colder weather so I think I may get more wear out of this dress in the coming months. This particular day I'd worn the button up over the dress but it was too hot for that by the time I took pictures and settled for tying it around the waist.

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  1. Beautiful outfit.... absolutely love the summery-ness of it! Good colors on you!


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