Friday, August 4, 2017

Fun In The Sun

AEO Straw Hat / F21 Dress (older) / Free People Sandals (ebay) / Anthropologie Bag (b-day gift)

Aside from the cold spring, it's been a nice, hot summer up here in the interior of Alaska.  Moving into August is always bittersweet however, it may still be ~summer~ for the lower part of the US but while our days might stay warm the nights are colder with frost waiting to surprise us at any moment, the kids are heading back to school in the middle of the month and the leaves have just started turning yellow around their edges.  By the end of August it's a week or two of fall and winter is starting grimly down upon us.  It may be roasting right now but I know I'll be looking back on these warm days with longing in just a short while.
This dress is a slightly older Forever21 maxi that's just about the bee's knees, although it may be dark it's a lightweight cotton and the embroidery means I don't have to do very much to thrown an outfit together.   Just some wrap sandals, a hat to keep the sun off, a fringe bag for fun and I'm set.

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