Sunday, August 6, 2017


Icings Vest (Christmas gift / Anna Sui Maxi (ebay) / Clogs (thrifted)  Coach Backpack (thrifted 2012)
Vetch may be an invasive species that's pushing out everything else but it does look pretty in photos. (Despite our best efforts to destroy it all.)   This Anna Sui dress is a little older but after a few repairs it's good to go again.  I just threw on an older denim vest and then got all matchy matchy with my clogs and leather backpack. It's a little funny to see how trends swing around, I remember leather backpacks from the 90's and my mom still has mine and then I thrifted this slightly older Coach one in 2012, just in time for it to be on trend five ears later!

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  1. Dreamy photos! I thrifted a nice leather backpack a few years ago. I love it!


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