Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Quest For The Holy Grail

UO Hat / Helmut Lang Jacket (consignment) / Old Navy Tank / Anthropologie Maxi (ebay) Ecote Bag / Rick Owens Shoes (ebay)

At the beginning of the blog I had a beige/blush-ish chiffon maxi skirt from Forever21 that I loved. Something about that particular color was perfect, it went with everything and had the nicest flow to it. The quality wasn't the best, for $11 I suppose that was to be expected, and it started to fall apart after a while. I held onto it until it became quite shabby looking and then bit the dust. I've looked for a replacement since then but nothing has had the right color, flow nor material.  The perfect skirt became a "holy grail" clothing item and while I did not encounter a ferocious killer bunny nor John Cleese I do feel that my quest has finally ended. 
I wore it with a plain black tank, a leather jacket and then threw on my tall wedges for a little height and color.  The warm weather is only here for a little while longer but I am looking forward to wearing it with sweaters and my heavy boots.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

One Hot Day

AEO Top and Bag / Birks (consigment, older) / Isabel Marant Jeans

A simple outfit but one I loved - I really like these jeans with their embroidered stars and off the shoulder tops are one of my favorite trends for the year so far, aside from all the embroidery. This bag is a few years old now but it's held up beautiful, no pulled threads or anythings, pretty good for a bag from a cheaper brand.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


UO Hat/ Paige Jacket (thrifted) / Silk Blouse (thrifted) / Nine West Jeggings / Michael Michael Kors boots (ebay) / Silk Scarf (old, thrifted) / Balenciaga Bag (birthday gift, second hand on ebay)

It was raining buckets when I took these pictures - literal buckets. I was completely soaked after just a couple pictures but hey, good day for a hat! Now that the weather has cooled off quite a bit I've been wearing my long sleeve tops again, this orange silk one I thrifted a while back is a favorite. i never really thought of orange and pink as being favorite colors of mine but after doing a closet clean up earlier, I realized I really gravitate towards wearing those colors. It was little bit of a surprise, I thought I loved burgundy and, blue and black!


Monday, August 28, 2017

Hot or Cold

UO Hat/ Winter Kate Kimono / Old Navy Tank / Hue Leggings (consigment) / Rag and Bone Boots (christmas gift) / Dooney and Burke Bag (old, thrifted)

Friday, August 25, 2017

Not A Shock

AEO Hat and Skirt / Icings Vest (old, Christmas present) / Old Navy Tank (old) Anthropologie Bag (birthday gift)

I thrifted these shoes because they were the exact style I'd been looking for in a flatform and...they last three wearings and fell competely apart. I shouldn't be shocked, I personally have never had great luck with Payless shoes and even though I thrifted them for a few dollars, I should have known that I probably would not get a lot of life out of them. Lesson learned! I am bummed because they were super comfortable with a lot of cushioning and the straps did not rub at all.

I don't get too interesting with my styling when I wear this skirt, I tend to go with a black or white top and haven't tried anything else with it so far. I am looking forward to wearing some of my sweaters with it and some big boots, I love the whole chunky sweater/maxi/tough boots look.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Worn Down

Icings Vest (old, Christmas gift) / Winter Kate Dress (thrifted) / Isabel Marant Sandals (ebay) / Anthropologie Bag (birthday gift)

I like this dress so much, it has such beautiful movement and is cut so beautifully but uuuuugh, it is so delicate! That vintage silk you guys, I love it but it can be a beast to wear. I have a small hole along the hemline I need to sew up and then the seams are starting to show a lot of wear. It's nothing you can see unless you look very closely but it makes me said to see this dress wearing out because I like it so much. I do think it's a good thing that I like something enough to wear it out but it's a bit bittersweet at the same time. I don't want to be a person who "saves" my nice clothes, I love wearing them, but since most of my stuff is either thrifted or found on ebay from seasons way past, it's not likely I can replace them. I'm sure I can find new loves but I'm trying to not fall into that trap.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

In The Heat

UO Hat / Gap Button Up (thrifted, old) / Isabel Marant Dress (ebay) / Anthropologie Bag (birthday gift)

Oh wow, do I miss that nice warm weather right about now! It has been a chilly,
wet week and a half and 80F plus sounds pretty awesome right now. The interior of Alaska is full into the fall season now with everyone winterizing cars, house and waterlines. It's a little sad to realize that our summer was so short but here's hoping for a mild winter! 

This dress did not get a ton of love this summer and I'm bummed about that. It's a beautiful dress and is fairly light but the temps were so hot during the short summer that we did have that sleeves felt too warm most of the time. I may complain quite loudly about winter but I do love the layering that comes with colder weather so I think I may get more wear out of this dress in the coming months. This particular day I'd worn the button up over the dress but it was too hot for that by the time I took pictures and settled for tying it around the waist.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Run Blue Run

Joie Silk Dress (consigment) / Free People Belt and Sandals / Isabel Marant scarf for H&M c/o H&M / Coch Bucket Bag (thrifted)

Fall is here, the weather has chilled and the kids are back to school. I don't know where the summer went but it went by fast! These photos are from the carnival a little while back, 3 years ago the ride provider for the Tanana State Fair spilt from the fair and has been running their own separate carnival and it is a blast. They have wrist bands for kids with unlimited rides and with a discount of half of this year, it made for a great afternoon of fun for the kids - I can't even count how many times they rode the Gravitron! We really got our money's worth out of those wristbands and then packed our own water bottles and food to keep costs down. However, looking back I don't see how my parents were able to do as much as they did with six children, just two seems so expensive at times! We did back to school shopping and even with grandparents spoiling them, it seems like there was so many things to get.

Anyways, about the outfit, I found this dress at our local consignment shop before it closed down, a little over a year ago, and this was the first I'd taken photos of it. It's a very lovely thick silk but I need to sew a little button so the wrap part of the skirt doesn't fly up! I worn my tall sandals again and had much better luck with them stying up for an afternoon of walking around.  I received this scarf from the collaboration H&M did with Isabel Marant almost four years ago and it's my most worn scarf - it's held up extremely well with no pulls and it's probably one of my most worn accessories.  I think I would cry real tears if it was ever lost or ruined!

Monday, August 21, 2017


UO Hat / Anthropologie Romper (thrifted) / Free People Sandals / Coach Bucket Bag (thrifted)

I bought this romper at Value Village last year and since then it's been sitting in my alterations pile - I've been trying to slow wrk my way through and doing little things like taking straps up, something that makes a big difference on how things sit if you're short, or hemlines, stuff like that.  I'm slow, I know.  I do reall like this romper with it's loose legs and the muted colors but now that we're in fall up here, I don't know if I'm going to get that much ore wear out of it before the cold hits.  I don't know if the short colors would look good with tights, I'm pretty boring now and jut wear black ones but maybe I'll try to branch out and try some colorful tights again.  Don't you feel like colorful tights ala 2010 are going to come back?  I sort of do with the current trends swinging heavily towards maximal style  and BRIGHT COLORS/EMBROIDERY/ALL THE STUFF.  It will be interesting to see what happens.