Tuesday, July 4, 2017

They're Party Birks


Isabel Marant Entoile Top (ebay)
AEO Shorts
Free People Bag (ebay)
Silver Birks (ebay)
The party birks again...my black ones are still in rotation but they look pretty rough and are mostly my chores /gardening shoes at this point.  I really like these silver ones, I'm a little surprised that this s the first outfit I've posted of them so far this summer.   Otherwise, it's not that exciting of an outfit, just a lacey white tops, some embroidered shorts and a colorful bag.  The party birks make it fun. ;)

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  1. LOVE! It's so fun to see you in so many summer clothes. I still love my black birks, but I'm definitely pining for lighter ones. Your silver ones look great!


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