Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Down A Long Road

Fred Meyer Wrap (older) / UO Hat / AEO Dress / Trouve Belt (consignment) / Rag and Bone Boots

This past week we drove from Fairbanks down to Paxson (a tiny community of 40 along the hwy between Fairbanks and Valdez) and took the Denali Hwy across to Cantwell and down the Parks Hwy to Anchorage.  We camped out on the Denali Hwy the first night - the Denali is a 136 miles road which is only paved for the last 20 miles on the Paxson side, it's dirt after that - and then camped the second night on he bank of the Big Susitna River a few miles outside of Talkeetna.  Izzy's birthday was a few day ago along with her grandpa and great-grandmas so we wee able to celebrate everyone's birthday in Anchorage with family.   We were fortunate enough to have beautiful weather the entire time and had great fun.

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