Monday, July 10, 2017


I wimped out on the 30x30 that started back at the start of July but a 10x10 sounded like fun.  I feel like the small challenges are a great way to work on my style and get a good remix in so...the items!
10x10 Challange Items
Old Navy Sandals (2014) - These sandals are the best pair ever. I've worn them for three summers and they are still in good shape with none of the "flaking" that tends to happen with fake leather over a period of time. They are a large pair of my summer wardrobe so they had to be inculded.

Isabel Marant Flatforms (ebay) - My other favorite pair of summer shoes, although quite a bit newer. I really like the look of flatforms and the little bit of extra height they offer.

Frye Boots (thrifted) - I know, boots for summer? I can't get away from them. I thrifted these a little while ago (for under $12 with no wear on the soles!) and...I love them so much.

Paige Denim Jacket(thrifted) - I wanted at least one topper since rain is in the forcast and what's more summery than a denim jacket?

Isabel Marant White Top(ebay) - you know me and my bohemian tops, I can't stay away. This was a cheap ebay find, under $20 and I wear it a ton.

Wilfred Tee (thrifted) - A basic black tee.

American Eagle Maxi - It's cute and breezey, nothing more to say. I do like maxis so this was a must have for me in the capsule.

Isabel Marant Mini Wrap Skirt (ebay) - The flip side of the must have maxi is a mini skirt I suppose.

American Eagle Vintage High Rise Button Fly Jeans - My very favorite jeans right now which is surpising, they are not a skinny jeans but more of a loose-leg pair but they're so good.

Free People Black Dress - I normally would throw in a maxi dress but a shorter one seemed like it would have a few more options.

This capsule came togther so much easier than the past few times I've done a clothing challange, I normally hem and haw over items for a while before I finally pick and then feel like I missed out on something that would have worked better. This time however I picked it all out in about five mins, I just grabbed a few things from the closet and that was it! I did take away one topper in exchange for another pair of shoes because my biggest trip up is usually feeling like I have no options with only two shoe choices. (I'm a shoe person, ok?) I have three pairs this time around and I feel SO FREE! I did throw in one jacket because of the forcaste and a denim will go with everything but I really feel good about this challange. I love everything and I feel like there's so many options.


UO Hat
Tee (thrifted)
AEO Skirt
Balenciaga Bag (birthday gift, second hand on ebay)
Old Navy Sandals (old)
It was over 80 degrees this day - a little warm for we Alaskans!  The Interior of Alaska is one of the warmest spots during the summer with temps in the 90s or higher, even though we are so much farther north than the more mild southern part of the state.  The Interior also experiences some of the coldest winters so you could say we need a ho summer to help thaw us out from the winter. (The Interior can have a temp swing of 160 degrees - down to -60F in the winter and up to 100F in te summer.  Our winters are quite warm now, most of the accounts I've read dating back to the '10s,20's and even 30's recount days where the temp dipped as cold as -90F - not official records but pretty acurrate.  I'm pretty happy that's not the case today, -90F would suck so badly.) 

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