Monday, June 5, 2017

Girly I Suppose

Old Navy Hat
Paige Jacket (thrifted)
AEO Dress
Free People Bag (birthday gift)
Miu Miu Shoes (ebay)

I know some people hate off-the-shoulder tops with a burning rage but I'm fond of them.  I like my shoulders and off-the-shoulder tops usually stay in place for me so they're a good fit for me personally. I get why other people like them but it's always nuts to see the kind of anger they incite online. (Where else do you go to complain about stuff?)  On the note of people losing their marbles over "fashion" online, it's insane to me to see people complaining about the lack of "modest" clothing for little girls.  I'm pretty none of these people complaining that girls' clothing is soooooo much sexier (ewww?) that it's been in the gold old days and they seem to forget about how awful the choices were in the early 2000's and two, looking at movies from the 30s and up, girl's dresses were ridiculously short.   I don't know if people just have tunnel vision of what but clothes for girls today are pretty great.  Jeans are so soft and stretchy, not like the terrors we had to wear in the 80s and 90s and there's tons of cute athletic clothing which kind of runs against the argument that only boys have clothes for sports and playing.  There's even tons of green/yellow/orange/red/blue clothes so I don't know where people are shopping that girls' clothing only comes in pink and purple. (And really, if a kid wants to wear those colors, that's fine.  Why exactly is pink bad again?)

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